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Prints a row for the main table. Put the name of the AI as the first unnamed parameter and the description as the second. The first column, the ID, is incremented and printed automatically, but you can use the id parameter to manually set the content of the first column. The automatic ID will not be incremented for that row. The last column, the NPCs of that AI, is generated automatically as well, using cargo. You can add NPCs by passing a comma-separated list in the add parameter or overwrite it completely by passing a comma-separated list of NPCs as the third unnamed parameter. Unwanted NPCs can be removed by passing a comma-separated list in the remove parameter. Lists that contain more than 35 NPCs will automatically be wrapped in a collapsible box; set collapse=n to prevent this behavior and collapse=y to enforce it.

The name of the AI is linked automatically if the target page exists. {{eicons}} are appended automatically as well, based on the AI name (e.g. "Etherian Lightning Bug" for "Etherian Lightning Bug AI"). Override those by specifying a target eicons page using the parameter eicons (e.g. eicons=Old One's Army) and prevent eicons entirely by setting eicons=n.