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This template is used to quickly pluralize singular links to plural page titles, or append suffix.

Usage[modifier le wikicode]

Unnamed Parameter 1

Display text (singular)

Unnamed Parameter 2 (optional)

Plural suffix (s/es/ies) or custom link text, will auto detect if omitted. See {{displaytext}} for details about auto plural detection.

Unnamed Parameter 3 (optional)

Pagename suffix (without parenthesis), See examples below.

Example[modifier le wikicode]

[[King Slime]] is a {{$|boss}}. results in: King Slime is a boss.

Code Result Note
{{$|event}} event ÉCHEC ! (attendu : event ) Default plural suffix is s.
{{$|boss}} boss ÉCHEC ! (attendu : boss ) See {{displaytext}} for all other plural rules.
{{$|butterfly}} butterfly ÉCHEC ! (attendu : butterfly )
{{$|ray}} ray ÉCHEC ! (attendu : ray )
{{$|leaf}} leaf ÉCHEC ! (attendu : leaf )
{{$|roof}} roof ÉCHEC ! (attendu : roof )
{{$|tooth|teeth}} tooth ÉCHEC ! (attendu : teeth ) Custom plural link text for irregular nouns. Equal to [[teeth|tooth]].
{{$|Jellyfish||bait}} Méduse pagename suffix
{{$|Banners||enemy}} Bannières