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Get display text. Used in templates with link and custom display text. For English, it will do intuitive pluralism process for plural suffixes (s/es/ies).

Usage[modifier le wikicode]

{{displaytext|arg1|arg2|lang=<lang>}} The result text will be auto-translated by {{tr}} (also see below).

Paramètre sans nom 1

Texte de base (Habituellement un lien)

Paramètre sans nom 2 (optionnel)

Texte d'affichage customisé. Si égal à : "e", "n", "en", "er", "s", "nen", "es" ou "ies", il est alors est ignoré. Si le lien ne s'affichage pas en français, veuillez l'ajouter à Tr/db-fr.

lang (optional)

Language code for plural process. Default is {{lang}}.

Examples[modifier le wikicode]

Examples[modifier le wikicode]

Code Résultat Note
{{displaytext| Boss | es }} Boss Les espaces sont ignorés
{{displaytext|Block}} Bloc Tests
{{displaytext|Block|s}} Bloc
{{displaytext|Butterfly|ies}} Papillon
{{displaytext|Butterfly|e}} Papillon
{{displaytext|Mouse|n}} Souris
{{displaytext|Staff|er}} Sceptre
{{displaytext|Campfire|en}} Feu de camp
{{displaytext|Iron Pickaxe|Pioche en bois}} Pioche en bois Exemple de renommage
{{displaytext|Watch|s}} Montre Exemples non-ajoutés à Tr/db-fr
{{displaytext|Box|s}} Box ÉCHEC ! (attendu : Boîte )
{{displaytext|Leaf|s}} Leaf ÉCHEC ! (attendu : Feuille )
{{displaytext|Knife|s}} Knife ÉCHEC ! (attendu : Couteau )
{{displaytext|Gold Table|Golden}} Doré

L10n note[modifier le wikicode]

This template is designed to work with auto translation, therefore, for non-English languages, it should be able to recognize English plural suffixes, and not treat them as custom text, even if they are not plural suffixes in the target language. Auto translation can be turned off in the code of the template (currently off for de and fr).

For example, for English, {{displaytext|Moon Lord|s}} will output Moon Lords, while for Chinese (zh), {{displaytext|Moon Lord|s}} will/should output 月亮领主 (auto-translated) or Moon Lord (if it cannot be auto-translated) instead of s only (there is no plural form grammar in Chinese, but {{displaytext}} will recognize "s" as plural suffix and ignore it instead of displaying it as custom text).