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Information.svg Note: This template documentation is transcluded on all icon templates. Template:Icon/common does not exist.
For this documentation page, Template:Icon/desktop is used. However, the documentation will automatically detect the template page it is used on and adjust accordingly.

Displays the linked icon shown above. To display multiple icons, use {{icon}}.


All parameters are optional.

{{ icon/desktop | small = y | nl = y | size = <size in px> | width = <width in px> | height = <height in px> | scale = <scale ratio> }}


Reduces the size of the icon to 75%; evaluated after $width, $height, and $size. Equal to |scale=0.75; overridden by $scale.


Removes the link from the icon. It is linked by default.


Size in px; sets $width and $height to the passed value. The image will be resized to fit within the given size. Note that it will always retain its aspect ratio.

width / height

Overrides $size in the horizontal/vertical dimension.


Scale ratio; width and height of the image will be multiplied with this value. Default is 1.


Code Result Linked Note
{{icon/desktop}} Version Bureau
{{icon/desktop|small=y}} Version Bureau
{{icon/desktop|scale=0.5}} Version Bureau
{{icon/desktop|size=40|scale=0.5}} Version Bureau Equal to {{icon/desktop|size=20}}
{{icon/desktop|width=16|height=30}} Version Bureau Image will fit within the rectangle and retain its aspect ratio.
{{icon/desktop|nl=y}} Version Bureau ×
{{icon/desktop|nl=y|size=20}} Version Bureau