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This template returns the name of an item based on its Item ID.


{{ItemNameFromId | <Item id> (optional) | lang= <lang> (optional) }}

First unnamed parameter

id of the item. If empty or invalid, will return empty string.


Language code. Default is {{lang|}}. Currently we have 9 languages (as in game): en/es/it/de/fr/zh/pl/pt/ru.

Note: for those 9 languages, it is recommended to use {{ItemNameFromId|<id>|lang=<lang>}} instead of {{tr|{{ItemNameFromId|<id>|lang=en}}}} to get the name of the item in target language. This ensures that it is exactly the same as in the game, and is usually faster. And as with, l10n for these laguages are imcompleted, so it will use EN version as fallback for inexist entries.


Code result
{{ItemNameFromId|1}} Pioche en fer ÉCHEC ! (attendu : Iron Pickaxe )
{{ItemNameFromId|1553}} M.D.S ÉCHEC ! (attendu : S.D.M.G.)
{{ItemNameFromId| 1553 }} M.D.S ÉCHEC ! (attendu : S.D.M.G. )
{{ItemNameFromId|4888}} Lapin ambre en cage ÉCHEC ! (attendu : Amber Bunny Cage )
{{ItemNameFromId|1|lang=it}} Modèle:ItemNameFromId/db-itIron Pickaxe ÉCHEC ! (attendu : Piccone di ferro )
{{ItemNameFromId|4888|lang=it}} Modèle:ItemNameFromId/db-itAmber Bunny Cage ÉCHEC ! (attendu : Amber Bunny Cage )

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