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Modèle:Npc infobox

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All variables except Type are optional.

  • The image parameter replaces the main image. A single bare filename must be entered, without any other code.
  • The imagealt parameter replicates the functionality of the image parameter in {{item new infobox}}. It replaces the main image, but takes any code. Multiple images can be provided, and/or text and other formatting. Images specified using imagealt require the full [[File: ]] markup.
{{npc infobox
| boxwidth = custom width for the infobox; default = 23em
| width = same as boxwidth; partially deprecated
| css or style = css for infobox. will override boxwidth/width if there is width:xxx.
| id = id of the npc, for display, will override idcargo and auto when display.
| idcargo = id(s) for cargo. default = id. A comma-separated list of ids you want to store in cargo table. if set idcargo=[empty], will disable cargo store.
| auto = yes or id number; If set, template will auto fill following parameters: name, namesub, namenote, ai, damage, defanse, knockback, life, money, banner & bannername base on id.
You can still explicitly specify those parameters to override the automatically filled values. If it's value is a id number, it will override id parameter when fetching data, and will display as id if id parameter isn't specitied.
| name = npc name; default = page name
| name2 = will be appended to name; will not be stored to Cargo. See the decoy's infobox on Lunatic Cultist for an exemplary usage.
| namesub = name sub-line; default = none should be the variant name.
| namesub2 = name sub-line 2; default = none, this line will not be stored into cargo table.
| namenote = name sub-line 2 (in small font); default = none, should be other notes about name.
| version = platform-platform-platform; for exclusive npcs (e.g. version=console-mobile-3ds)
| variant = yes; only if it is an old-gen console/3ds exclusive variant (not needed if version is used)
| expertonly = yes; only if it is an expert mode exclusive variant.
| image = imagename.png; default = pagename.png
| imagesize = WxHpx*Scale; default = *1
| imagealt = [[File:imagename.png]]
| imageexpert = imagename.png, Expert Mode variant
| image2 = name_(old#).png, displays old sprite in use by other platforms. If the filename is "name_(old).png" or "name_(old).gif" this may be omitted. you can use image2 = <blank> to disable image auto discover.
| imageversion2 = platform-platform-platform (list platforms using the sprite, e.g. console-mobile, all valid platforms is: desktop, console, old-gen, mobile, 3ds ), if image2 is specified and this is omitted, will use default old platforms(old-gen-mobile-3ds).
| image3 = name_(old#).png, displays old sprite in use by other platforms
| imageversion3 = platform-platform-platform (list platforms using the sprite, e.g. console-mobile)
| imageother = imagename2.png, displays at the bottom on the infobox
| imageothercaption = caption for imageother
| type = character type: Enemy for enemies, Town for friendly NPCs, Critter for friendly Critters
| environment = biome where can they be found
| environment2 = sub-biome
| ai = which AI the character uses
| damage = damage inflicted per hit from this character
| damage2 = will be appended to damage, useful when using auto mode.
| life = total max health
| life2 = will be appended to life2, useful when using auto mode.
| defense = defense the character has
| defense2 = will be appended to defense, useful when using auto mode.
| knockback = knockback resistance
| knockback2 = will be appended to knockback, useful when using auto mode.
| power = for catchable characters, like critters, which can be used for things like bait (enter "15% bait", for example)
| debuff = debuff inflicted, name or id
| debuffchance = chances of inflicting the debuff
| debuffchancenote = extra note about debuff ,will displayed in a new line
| duration = length of time the debuff lasts
| debuff2 = second debuff inflicted, name or id
| debuffchance2 = chances of inflicting the second debuff
| debuffchancenote2 = extra note about debuff2 ,will displayed in a new line
| duration2 = length of time the second debuff lasts
| immune1
= debuffs a character is immune to
| immune10
| immuneall = yes, if this character is immune to all debuffs
| immuneallnote = note displayed after "Immune to all debuffs" for additional information (see The Destroyer for an example)
| banner = yes or <banner name>, if this character drops a Banner
| bannername = override banner=<banner name>. Deprecated, it is kept base on historical compatibility reason.
| buff = buff caused by the npc, id or name.
| idbuff = Deprecated, overrides buff=<buff id>
| allversions = yes (only Desktop/Console/Old-gen Console/Mobile/3DS content, where no "___ content only" banner is present)
| money = dropped coins, enter using the coin template: {{coin}}
| group|heading|size items may be visually grouped with the "group" parameter value (see Queen Bee for an example); "group size" may be left empty
| item1|quantity1|rate1 standard item drop info: item name | quantity | rate.
| item2|quantity2|rate2
| itemN|quantityN|rateN
| custom|item cell|rate custom item cell content. (see Guide for an example).
|itemname|quantity|rate is equivalent to |custom|{{item|itemname}} (quantity)|rate


There are numerous supplemental subpages which are mainly used for formatting certain data: